Tuesday, February 12, 2013


People many years try to find the mystery of life. What must do people for living longer? I think if we want to live well and long, we must do many important things. First of all if we sleep well, we shall be very happy and have good mood all day.

Every morning as soon as we get on the bed, we must do exercises. If we do it every day, we shall be very healthy and strong. We must eat only useful food. Everybody must eat in time, as soon as return from the school.
As soon as we start to recognize our wourld, we learn many new interesting things. There are many beautiful things in our wourld; one of these is friendship. If we have good friend, we will be lucky. I think now the money decides and solves many problems and people choose friends for the money. But the real friends we can`t buy.
As soon as we start think about our own life, our parents want to see us happy and luchky. I must look for and find the man, who will be the onl for me. I must choose the right partner for my happiness and future.

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